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The Struggle of the red and blue Jesi

Noticing one day, that the striker figures of a fooseball game look like skewered shrimp on the BBQ led Robinson to the notion of impaled figures 'a la vlad.'

This in turn led to the idea of the Roman common execution method of crucifixion. The thought of red and blue fooseball figures emerged. Even though the crucifixion image is a strong central religious notion for many people, this work should not be considered religious or a comment on religion.

Robinson was raised in a predominately Catholic culture and sees the crucifixion image iconic to his life. The red and blue Jesi refers to the perpetual social polarities:

Authoritarianism vs Consentualism. Left vs Right. Liberalism vs Conservativism.

It is interesting to note that although there are forward, defensive, and goal keeper figures, there are no goals, which makes a victory by either side impossible.

When asked about the pudgy Jesus figure, which looked a little like a cartoon-y self portrait, Robinson replied, "There was nothing to say that Jesus couldn't have been good looking."

This sculpture is 30 inches wide, 54 inches long, and 36 inches high. The legs and all the trim pieces are solid walnut with walnut plywood as the base of the cabinet. The decorative moderne metal work is polished steel and the figures, cast plastic.