Putting conventional art gallery imagery inside an art gallery setting Robinson's Van Art Gal and Van Art Gal Does the G-7 stand as a cross-hybridization of Edouard Manet's seamless integration of nudes into a natural setting with Jeff Wall's placing of nude in an institutional setting with The Giant. Accordingly, Robinson's nudes are at home in a sterile institution. However, unlike the nudes of Picnic on the Grass, his nude is not the focus of attention and in contrast with The Giant, Robinson's nude is neither dominant nor a figuratively and metaphorically disintegrated figure. At once eschewing both the liberation exuded by Picnic on the Grass' naturalism and the stately wisdom of The Giant, Robinson's contrivance is to blend the nudes in with the lingering lifelessness of the gallery patrons.

Challenging Vancouver's revered and famed art gallery (The VAG) Robinson proffers yet another line of criticism. In painting the façade of the VAG in Vancouver Art Gallery Shop, Robinson shifts our focus to the VAG's rather commercial frontage. With the words "Gallery Shop" most visibly printed on the gallery window, he makes a cheeky metaphor of the gallery's current curatorial direction. Here, as with his two other above mentioned works, Robinson's unapologetically trumped up scene takes aim at the gallery as being but another staid institution for commerce.